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Benefits of N2Pack


Our patented packaging system provides a unique process of canning a controlled substance that hermetically seals and preserves the contents and greatly extends shelf life.

  • Patented Process Keeps Your Product Fresh
  • Environmentally friendly packaging fully recyclable
  • Child Resistant / Senior Friendly Lids available
  • Consistency and freshness keeps your brand on display

Frequently Asked Questions about Benefits

Can nitrogen flushing benefit marijuana packaging?

The food industry has been using nitrogen flushing for packaging since the 1970’s. Marijuana vendors have just started to use nitrogen flushing. Nitrogen flushing can be expensive and time consuming. The question is whether the advantages of nitrogen flushing for marijuana packaging outweigh the costs and inconvenience.

How does nitrogen flushing work?

Standard vacuum packaging removes the oxygen from a container. Vacuum packaging works well for products like jerky or coffee, because it protects them and extends their shelf life. Nitrogen flushing goes beyond standard vacuum packaging by flushing the oxygen out of the container and then replacing it with nitrogen. This creates a positive pressure which envelopes the product, serving as a protective cushion. High heat is then used to seal the bag. Potato chips for example, are packed in nitrogen flushed bags.


In standard packaging, oxygen converts the THC in marijuana to cannabinol, or CBN, which lowers the psychoactive attributes of the marijuana. Nitrogen flushing stops this conversion. It keeps the marijuana fresh in appearance and taste, for an extended time and is one of the few packaging techniques that masks the aroma of marijuana. Essentially, nitrogen flushing prolongs the shelf life of the marijuana, so that it keeps its strength. Nitrogen flushing also helps keep marijuana free of molds. Nitrogen flushing has the final benefit of keeping delicate products from being crushed.

Disadvantages of nitrogen flushing

Disadvantages of utilizing nitrogen in a plastic bag – Plastic is gas permeable which will allow an exchange of oxygen and nitrogen which will reduce the preservation time. – nothing protects like a can …